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Working With Water News - 9 Oct 2014

Editor's Choice

Dual-stage FO/PRO process for hypersaline solutions and fracking wastewater treatment A dual-stage forward osmosis/pressure retarded osmosis (FO/PRO) process is proposed for hypersaline solution treatment and power generation. The treatment process reduces the concentration of saline wastewater, rendering it suitable for disposal directly to the sea or treatment by conventional membrane and thermal processes. More

September’s Top 3 Working With Water Research Trends The following Research Trends were the most popular with visitors to the Working With Water website during September 2014. More

Pump Industry Analyst

Cleaning & Purification

Ozone generator can purify wastewater
Ozoniers.com, a brand of Qingdao Danjia Machinery, has launched a new patented ozone generator for the disinfection, purification and sterilization of wastewater. ... More

Top three stories of the week on www.workingwithwater.net

1. Xylem delivers ultrafiltration solutions for Portuguese drinking water plant

2. Osmoflo develops RO brine squeezer

3. 3D printed membrane could revolutionise water filtration


IDE makes choices for Carlsbad desalination project
IDE selects Protec Arisawa to provide reverse osmosis membrane technology for Carlsbad desalination project.... More

Top three Research Trends of the week on www.workingwithwater.net

1. Early stages of RO membrane fouling during tertiary wastewater desalination

2. Filtration demonstration as reverse osmosis pre-treatment in industrial water treatment plant

3. Biocides in urban wastewater treatment plant influent in dry and wet weather

Journal of Water Processing Engineering

Drinking Water

Submersible pressure transmitter measures liquid levels
Siemens has developed the SITRANS LH100 submersible level transducer for use in hydrostatic level applications.... More

Filtration Industry Analyst

Environment & Pollution

Approval for stormwater filtration
Oldcastle Stormwater Solutions’ Perk Filter, a stormwater media filtration device used to reduce pollutant loading in runoff from urban developments, has received approval for use in the Virginia Stormwater Management Programme in the US.... More

Waste & Hazard Walk Workbook

The Waste & Hazard Walk is a systematic facility tour which looks for ways to improve productivity and safety, with a specific focus on industrial supplies and personal protective equipment (PPE). This free download outlines how your company could benefit from a Waste & Hazard Walk.

Industrial Use of Water

Biological wastewater treatment system commercially launched
UOP LLC, a Honeywell company, has announced its commercial launch of an integrated bioreactor system designed to remove organic and inorganic contaminants from a range of industrial wastewater streams.... More

Voith awarded Canadian hydropower contract
Deal calls for Voith to equip the Keeyask generating station in Manitoba. ... More

Research Trends

Overview of reactors to study drinking water biofilms
This overview of the main reactors used in drinking water (DW) biofilm studies, describes their characteristics and applications, and takes into account their main advantages and limitations for use in drinking water distribution systems (DWDS).... More

Wastewater & Sewage Treatment

Alfa Laval exhibits screw press at WEFTEC
Alfa Laval has shown a compact screw press as part of its sludge dewatering product range at the WEFTEC water show.... More

NOV Mono completes Welsh water project
Progressing cavity pump ensures Welsh plant can provide quality treated sewage under any flow conditions.... More

Xylem at WEFTEC
Xylem demonstrated Flygt cloud-based SCADA monitoring and control wastewater system at WEFTEC... More

Water-loving filter set for commercialisation
Global water services company Hyflux had signed an agreement to license hydrophilic (water-loving) filtration technology developed by the University of South Australia (UniSA) and patented by commercialising company ITEK.... More

GE's new membrane technology
GE introduces new membrane technology to generate renewable energy from wastewater. ... More

Water Reuse

RWL Water appoints new chief operating officer
Former Veolia Water executive Philippe Laval has joined RWL Water as chief operating officer, Global Operations.... More

New York Farm installs manure treatment system
Livestock Water Recycling manure treatment system helps a dairy farm recycle clean water.... More


European Conference on Fluid-Particle Separation, FPS 2014
Dates: 15 October 2014 until 17 October 2014
Location: Lyon, France
Website: http://www.fps2014.com

European Innovation Partnership on Water (EIP Water) Conference 2014: Connecting Innovation Demand and Supply
Dates: 05 November 2014 until 06 November 2014
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Website: http://www.eip-water.eu/eip-water-conference-2014-5-november...

Viet Water 2014
Dates: 12 November 2014 until 14 November 2014
Location: Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
Website: http://vietwater.com/

Global Water Conference 2014
Dates: 18 November 2014 until 19 November 2014
Location: Yangon, Myanmar
Website: http://www.confexhub.com

Water Expo China
Dates: 01 December 2014 until 03 December 2014
Location: Beijing, China
Website: http://www.waterexpochina.com

OSEA 2014
Dates: 02 December 2014 until 05 December 2014
Location: Marina Bay Sands, Singapore
Website: http://osea-asia.com

3rd Annual Plant Reliability & Major Maintenance Forum
Dates: 04 December 2014 until 05 December 2014
Location: Sao Paulo, Brazil
Website: http://www.fleminggulf.com

3rd Water Research Conference
Dates: 11 January 2015 until 14 January 2015
Location: Shenzhen, China
Website: http://www.waterresearchconference.com

WASSER Berlin International
Dates: 24 March 2015 until 27 March 2015
Location: Berlin, Germany
Website: http://www.wasser-berlin.de

L'Eau Expo & Forum 2015
Dates: 20 May 2015 until 23 May 2015
Location: Casablanca, Morocco
Website: http://www.eauexpo.com

Aquatech China
Dates: 10 June 2015 until 12 June 2015
Location: Shanghai, China
Website: http://www.aquatechtrade.com

For a full list of events and conferences, please visit

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